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Current Date Custom Web Control

I’ve written a simple custom web control to fit one of our requirements of inserting current date into a textbox when double clicked.

This control might not be very useful but it certainly illustrates the process of building custom web controls.

You can have a look at it on CodeProject


Microsoft Channel 9

Channel 9

It’s official now…

Channel 9 is online…

Njoy the coversation from the cockpit…

May be we might get some time to cling to our Parachutes in case if it’s going down.

Just Kidding.

Is Java is better than .NET?

I came across this link in one of my blog browsing sessions.

Some of the things that they talk about are really ridiculous.

Have a look…I can’t believe people are still spending so much time compiling lists of this kind instead of doing something more useful…

Why Java is better than .NET?

“TEAM” India wins over Pakistan

I am really happy about the victory of India over traditional rivals Pakistan. We had many talented cricketers but I can’t believe that we had never won a test match in pakistan. But, this team was able to do it. The only difference between the teams in the past and the current Indian team is that they play as a “TEAM”.

All about Blogs and RSS

I was just browsing the net and came across a good link that details about blogging and more…

All About Blogs and RSS

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