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I love Wikipedia

It’s been a while since I blogged. In fact it’s been almost 3 years. I just couldn’t make it a habit. But I think the things we share are the only things that remain in this world after we’re gone. Getting a little philosophical isn’t it? Anyway, I wanted to talk about WikiPedia in this post.

Wikipedia (, is probably one of the most innovative things that has happened on the Internet. Information at the click of a button. I know they say this about the Internet. But this encyclopedia on the Internet is really fascinating that I could spend an entire weekend just browsing through the various links it presents. Unraveling the most imaginative things that a human mind could think of and the deepest mysteries that the human brain can fathom…

I’ve started learning a lot more about my country, my religion and my people than I’ve learnt my entire schooling days… I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they’re just wasting their time watching television…or doing something that they’re not really happy about…

I only hope it doesn’t become my next addiction 🙂

I’m just starting this after a while and I’m not sure how good this item is.
I promise to take up a more interesting topic next time around.
Till then….Adios!!! …

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