Slumdog Millionnaire…Is it just the beginning?

I was watching the 2008 Academy Awards last weekend and was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that a genuine Indian Artist would/should win an Oscar.  This reminded me of the Olympics. At least in Olympics, team from India gets to compete for the medals. That is not the case in Oscars. 

I have seen a few Indian films get nominated in the Foreign Film category and never won. It is big in India, even if a film gets nominated. I cannot even explain how big it is this time around. Even though I liked “Slumdog Millionaire”, I felt there were many better movies that were made over the years and weren’t even nominated.  However, I am glad an Indian movie (technically British, I should say) won so many Oscars in a year and has put the spotlight squarely on Indian cinema.

I have read many interviews where some of the Indian stars, technicians complaining about the way India was portrayed. I guess it is nothing but natural for Indians to take pride in what they are, but should not be complaining when something as real as the slum life of millions of Indians is played on Big screens and Homes of millions, or even billions across the world. It is a fact and we have to accept it. May be, this will trigger a lot of activity by social organisations and philanthropists to stand up and decide to do something about it. These people need help and I think it would be great in whatever way they get it. Pride that keeps your children sick and hungry is worth nothing.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this blog is the fact that the success has not only evoked interest in the entertainment world, but also in the business world. India has been a developing nation for a while and is working it’s way through the red tape, corruption and various other social maladies to improve the quality of life for it’s citizens. Many Indian businesses have flourished off late and have even made some global acquisitions (Ala..Jaguar & Land Rover etc.) . 

I have come across this article titled “Secret of Slimdog’s Success” on HBP blogs, that not only talks about the success formula of Slumdog, but also throws light on some recent developments in the Business World, that could benefit the Indian cinema.


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One response to “Slumdog Millionnaire…Is it just the beginning?”

  1. Jay says :

    Listening to that song, jai ho. I can name 100 songs that are way better ( some of them are rahman’s songs).

    So now we know oscars is not a big deal at all, even a second rate rahman’s ( I am not saying rahman is second rate) song can win it.

    And with 1.1 billion population, eliminating poverty whatever u do, only Obama fans believe in bullshit like yes we can.

    Look at the small recession with 300 million population in US, if china stops buying treasuries tomorrow, there will be 300 million slumdogs right here in good old usa.

    So our objection is why enjoy the poverty porn, whenever india is represented? and what is the typical brit image , oh yeah the suave, sophisticated bond.

    Our ( people who didn’t like the idea of india is a slum) view point is we won’t contribute 10 dollars to this charade. It is like, you atleast don’t pay someone who is throwing shit on u. Probably u deserve shit to be thrown at , but still paying for it doesn’t make sense.

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