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EMC builds the mother of all storages – Symmetrix V-Max

EMC has developed a new architecture for Virtual Data Centers dubbed as EMC® Virtual Matrix Architecture™. Apparently they have even built an instance of this huge storage array named EMC Symmetrix V-Max™ . EMC is touting it as the world’s largest high-end storage array and also the fastest. it makes use of the commercially available off-the-shelf gadgets to build a very large storage system capable of providing 2 Petabytes of storage capacity using 2400 drives, 128 processor cores and 1 TB of global memory. It is also built for future where in availability of 200 GB, 400 GB flash drives are factored in. It also makes use of the VMWare technology to offer hundreds of thousands of VMWare or similar virtual machines in a single federated virtual infrastructure.

So, it is not a Myth or Hype anymore. Cloud Computing is for real. Organisations like EMC, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon are making it a reality. I think  we are getting closer to making the “Utility Computing” a reality. However, the questions around Portability, Security etc. still remain and need to be addressed. I hope the Open Cloud community that took off recently will help us get there.


Accelerating your Projects using Commitment Based Project Management Technique – Training

I wrote about a session on “No Surprises Project Management” in a NC PMI Special Interest Group. Mr. Jose Solera is conducting a training session on the technique they call “Commitment Based Project Management (CBPM). For those of you who are interested, here’s a link for the training details: CBPM Flyer. I think it would be a good start for organisations that are setting up or planning to setup a PMO. I found the technique to be interesting and also very close to some of the Agile based project execution methods.

Lotus Live – IBM’s Cloud Offering

Not to be left far behind, IBM has come out with it’s own version of “Cloud” service.

 It is called ‘Lotus Live’ and even has a separate website named “LotusLive“. The services being offered falls into three categories:

1. Networking & Collaboration

  • LotusLive Engage: Integrated suite of Web collaboration tools designed around online Web meeting service 
  • LotusLive Connections: Integrated suite of Web collaboration services including file sharing, activity management, instant messaging, and networking capabilities – without the Web meeting service.

2. Web Conferencing

  • LotusLive Meeting: Full-featured, online meetings with integrated Web, voice and video conferencing based on Lotus SameTime.
  • LotusLive Events: Online Event management service that includes LotusLive Meetings plus registration, promotion, post-event follow up tools and more.

3. E-mail

  • LotusLive Notes: Lotus Notes e-mail hosted for you by IBM. This service provides online email solutions. 
  • LotusLive iNotes: Security-rich, Web-based messaging service for exchanging e-mail and files with a Web browser and Internet connection.

Follow the links for each item for more details.

They are a little late, but at least they have something to offer. This will fulfill the wishes of small to medium sized organisations to make use of the IBM solutions in this space from a cloud rather than having to invest on Hardware, Software Licensing etc.  However, we have to wait and see how successful this offering would be.

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