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Hello World!!!

It’s been a while since I had a new post on my blog. Things have been moving pretty fast for me these days. I mean that in a positive way. This post is my “pingback” into the blogosphere again, after a hiatus of about 3 months. I need to get back to my old form, speak my mind, that is. I promise to myself that I will have a couple of posts every week. Let’s see how good would I be on my word to myself 🙂

One more thing I want to announce through this post is that I am 10 lbs lighter now. Feels great to lose some weight. Am trying to get rid of another 15 lbs. That will get my BMI under 25 and make me ‘Normal’ and not over weight. It is amazing that I was able to do this in the past couple of months. I always used to say to myself that I do not have time for physical activity, except for a couple of tennis sessions with friends, in a week.

So, all you ‘OverWeight’ or ‘Obese’ folks out there, If I can do it, you can, too. So, just get out and walk,run,play. Do anything but eating or sitting idle. Things look very different and exciting when you get active. Good Luck!!!

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