I wish…I wish…

I have had enough blabbering from the NY Jets and I wish the Pats cut them to size this weekend. I agree they have a good defense but they talk too much and their offense stinks. I liked what I saw in Patriots against Bengals last week. Both their defense and offense did very well against a 2009 playoff team that is predicted to reach playoffs this year too.

So, hopefully I don’t have to hear about the Revis Island, No. 1 defense, Super Bowl so on and so forth from the Jets again next week.

Let’s go Pats!!!


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About Venu Mallarapu

I am currently working as Associate Director at Cognizant Technology Services in their Life Sciences division. I have over 15 years of experience in developing IT Solutions and Services, specifically for Life Sciences industry for about 9 years. I have worked with small to large pharma customers to address various business requirements in R&D, Sales and Marketing areas. IT Service Management is one of my other passions. I blog and write about technology frequently and have also presented at various conferences and workshops on wide variety of topics in technology.

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