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Is Technology dividing people?

Use of technology is something I have always enjoyed and will do so in future. However, there has been many occasions that has put me in awkward social situations. These range from downright embarrassments to heated arguments to even pulling punches. Well, I would not go into detail of all such incidents. But, I would like to cite a situation that just happened to me today.

Me and my son badly needed a hair cut. I have a two year old and all you parents out there can imagine how tough it is to get them to sit through a hair cut. The moment they see all the gadgetry (I mean clippers, scissors, combs, dryers and such) they get even more scared. In order to avoid a prolonged stay at the barber shop, I used heir online checkin feature.

By the time we arrived at the shop, the waiting room was packed. They let us cut the physical queue and get us straight to the chairs. As elderly gentleman waiting there for over 30 mins got really ticked off, stood up and said he is not mad or upset but walked out stating that he needed to catch a train. This event left me a little perplexed and made me wonder if technology is dividing people, more so between the generations that are already divided in a huge way.

Any thoughts?

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