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NC PMI Chapter – February Session highlights

Electronic Sourcing session by Sidd Chopra- A major disappointment 

I attended the monthly chapter for NC PMI recently. This was my first . The chapter folks planned a session on ‘Electronic Sourcing’ session. Since, they did not provide any details on the website, against the event, I was expecting the session would be very relevant to Project Management and would probably cover the Procurement Management aspects. The speaker, Mr. Sidd Chopra, is a famous speaker in the triangle area and was also a former board member of the chapter. 

Surprisingly, the event turned out to be a ‘Sales Pitch’ for a procurement tool developed by his company. Many of my colleagues who were at the session were also surprised that the chapter allowed the speaker for a sales pitch for his product. It was really disappointing for me personally, as I was expecting a session on procurement and even global sourcing as the main focus of the topic. I have provided the same feedback to the chapter. I hope they would take cognizance of the feedback and avoid such situations in future.

Increase in No. of People in Transition and efforts to help by the chapter

I have been regularly attending the monthly chapter sessions as well as Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions recently. Once of the main objectives of the PMs attending the session is ‘Networking’. Prime reason for this is either people have lost jobs or on the verge of losing. One thing I have noticed is that the number of people raising hands when asked “How many of you are in transition?” has been increasing steadily, but alarmingly. This reflects the trend of worsening economy. I hope things get better soon.

The chapter is trying to help the PMs in transition to support and help them cope up with the situation. There was a session a couple of  weeks ago titled “Transition in Today’s Economy” by Doug Johnson. I found it to be a very good session. I will blog about some of the techniques that were highlighted in that session pretty soon.


Want a Job? Improve your Linked In Profile

I have come across this article on titled “How to Improve Your Linked In profile: Stand Out to Employers, Recruiters”. I have summarized the recommendations from the post. Please visit the link to read it for yourself and make a face-lift of your profile on Linked In.

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Endure your Headline statement is filled, which is kind of your tag line and not leave it as your current job title, which is set by default
  • Fill in “What You Are Working On”. Make sure this is business like and is compelling for your readers
  • Ensure you post the URLs for all the websites and direct the users to your on-line websites
  • Get the URL to your profile and post it in your website or other sites to direct traffic
  • Ensure you complete the Summary section which is the meat of your profile. This is important for the Linked In search engine to pull your profile through Keywords in this section
  • Get as many recommendations as you can to cover a 360 degree view
  • Use the newly added “Applications” feature to improve your brand. You could potentially add a presentation highlighting your professional achievements, certifications etc in a visual format.
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