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Slumdog Millionnaire…Is it just the beginning?

I was watching the 2008 Academy Awards last weekend and was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that a genuine Indian Artist would/should win an Oscar.  This reminded me of the Olympics. At least in Olympics, team from India gets to compete for the medals. That is not the case in Oscars. 

I have seen a few Indian films get nominated in the Foreign Film category and never won. It is big in India, even if a film gets nominated. I cannot even explain how big it is this time around. Even though I liked “Slumdog Millionaire”, I felt there were many better movies that were made over the years and weren’t even nominated.  However, I am glad an Indian movie (technically British, I should say) won so many Oscars in a year and has put the spotlight squarely on Indian cinema.

I have read many interviews where some of the Indian stars, technicians complaining about the way India was portrayed. I guess it is nothing but natural for Indians to take pride in what they are, but should not be complaining when something as real as the slum life of millions of Indians is played on Big screens and Homes of millions, or even billions across the world. It is a fact and we have to accept it. May be, this will trigger a lot of activity by social organisations and philanthropists to stand up and decide to do something about it. These people need help and I think it would be great in whatever way they get it. Pride that keeps your children sick and hungry is worth nothing.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this blog is the fact that the success has not only evoked interest in the entertainment world, but also in the business world. India has been a developing nation for a while and is working it’s way through the red tape, corruption and various other social maladies to improve the quality of life for it’s citizens. Many Indian businesses have flourished off late and have even made some global acquisitions (Ala..Jaguar & Land Rover etc.) . 

I have come across this article titled “Secret of Slimdog’s Success” on HBP blogs, that not only talks about the success formula of Slumdog, but also throws light on some recent developments in the Business World, that could benefit the Indian cinema.


What is a Life Worth?

One visible difference I have noticed, after living in US for over 7 years now, people in this country value life much more than any where else in the world. Being born and brought up in India, I was always amazed by the fact that we, as Indians, are so much more resilient to catastrophic events.

  • Does the value of life change with the economic status of a society?
  • Is a life worth less in a society with more people?
  • Why is a life in a third world country not even as worthy as a pet in developed countries?

India Knowledge at Wharton

Wharton School of Business is one of the elite B Schools in the country. While I was pursuing by Certificate of Global Business Leadership with U21 Global (U21 Global is an online university with collaboration from 21 universities around the globe), a program designed for leaders in Satyam in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing, I came across this site where we find lot of podcasts and articles very useful and focused on India. I still keep visiting this site from time to time and keep up with some of the happenings in the India’s corporate world. Here’s the link to the website for any of you who are interested:  India Knowledge @ Wharton.

Bombay Grille – Indian Restaurant in RTP, NC – Too BAD

It’s been three years since I have been living in RTP, NC. I was told that the food is not good by a few friends and colleagues. I have been avoiding it ever since. However, some of my colleagues picked this for lunch today. God it was too BAD.  No Biryani, which I love and expect in pretty much all the Indian restaurants. All Chicken Curries were sweet. Tandoori Chicken was not spicy. Paneer 65 was the only saviour. I would recommend you avoid this place, unless until you do not have any other choice or would like your food sweet. That’s another $10 wasted for a lunch buffet. They have catered to a couple of our events before and the food wasn’t that bad. Despite very low expectations it turned out to be a BAD experience. 

Telugu FM Radio Online

Indians living abroad have this affinity to things and events that will connect them back to their home. One of my friends suggested a good website TELUGULIVE. This website basically streams a bunch of TV channels as well as FM Radio stations over the web. I am not sure how legal it is. There are a couple of News channels TV 5 and TV 9 that they stream for free. Also the FM channels are free. For you folks who are home sick for Telugu entertainment and do not have DISH or DIRECT TV at home, you might want to try this out. 

I was listening to Radio Mirchi. I like music in general and good music is my favorite pass time. I love Telugu. I will blog about my love for Telugu some other time. But what struck me when I was listening to this station is their caption. “Radio Mirchi…. Idi Chaalaa Hot Guru…”. I Know they wanted to appeal to the youth and used “Hot” in their caption. I was thinking what would be a good Telugu word in place of this, I found that “Ghaatu” would be a good substitute. It means the same and rhymes well too. It might even sound more native to Andhra too… “Radio MirchiIdi Chaalaa Ghaatu Guru…”.
Think about it or read both the captions out loud a couple of times. Your ideas and comments are welcome…
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