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Telugu FM Radio Online

Indians living abroad have this affinity to things and events that will connect them back to their home. One of my friends suggested a good website TELUGULIVE. This website basically streams a bunch of TV channels as well as FM Radio stations over the web. I am not sure how legal it is. There are a couple of News channels TV 5 and TV 9 that they stream for free. Also the FM channels are free. For you folks who are home sick for Telugu entertainment and do not have DISH or DIRECT TV at home, you might want to try this out. 

I was listening to Radio Mirchi. I like music in general and good music is my favorite pass time. I love Telugu. I will blog about my love for Telugu some other time. But what struck me when I was listening to this station is their caption. “Radio Mirchi…. Idi Chaalaa Hot Guru…”. I Know they wanted to appeal to the youth and used “Hot” in their caption. I was thinking what would be a good Telugu word in place of this, I found that “Ghaatu” would be a good substitute. It means the same and rhymes well too. It might even sound more native to Andhra too… “Radio MirchiIdi Chaalaa Ghaatu Guru…”.
Think about it or read both the captions out loud a couple of times. Your ideas and comments are welcome…
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