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I woke up on a Saturday morning

The sun was bright and shining


The green grass was all wet with dew

I saw flowers all over with bright hue


Are those honey bees that are buzzing?

What happened to the world while I was busy working?


I was shocked I took notice

Coz’ I never have time for something so nice


I guess the spring is coming

Well, it’s just another season passing


Who am I?

Being the most awaited one – to be born to the goddess I call my mother

Being the most loved one – by my loving parents I adore

Being the clever one – to be mentored by my masters I call the Gurus

Being the hard working one – and be the chosen one which I’m proud of

Being the lucky one – to win the fat rat race and stand tall

Being the fortunate one – to be loved by my darling wife

Being the blessed one – to be blessed with an angel I call my daughter

Being the sad one – to part with my angel to another man

Being the unfortunate one – to be failed by my tired soul

Being the scared one – to return back where I belong

Being the forgotten one – that I hope I will not be

My favourite telugu poem

చిరునవ్వుల వరమిస్తావా?
చితినుండీ లేచొస్తాను.
మరు జన్మకు కలిసుంటావా?
ఈ క్షణమే మరణిస్తాను.

A Good Telugu Poetry Blog

As usual I did not keep my word to blog on a regular basis, again.
It’s been a while.
As I stted in my earlier entry, I have been trying to connect with my old friends.
Joined Orkut and came across a few of my College mates.
Am trying to connect back.

Also, joined a community of “Sri Sri” fans.
I have come across a guy (Yoganand) who is also a poet.
Here’s a link to his Blog.
The poems are in telugu and I liked them.

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