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Does some airlines really need Flight Attendants?

I had to go on a quick trip recently and I booked tickets on US Airways. I have not travelled on airlines other than SouthWest off late and did not realize how much things have changed on other airlines. I noticed that even coffee and water is charged. 15 minutes into the flight, after an announcement on how much everything that one wants costs, the flight attendants went around shouting, trying to get attention from the passengers. Not many passengers turned their heads for cat calls like “Does anybody want to buy anything?”. Except for folks in business class I do not think they sold anything. Given this situation, except for closing all the overhead bins and demonstration of safety features at the beginning, I did not see much need for them. May be airlines can take this TIP and cut down on flight attendants as well as part of their cost cutting measures. It might not be such a big deal, except in cases like the “Miracle on Hudson” where people might need some help.

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