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Sony Reader – Is this the Amazon Kindle Killer?

You might know the gadget “Kindle” offered by Amazon. They have been trying really hard to push this and make it a popular “I want That” gadget. Soney has it’s own Kindle named Sony Reader.Google is offering 500,000 eBooks, Google eBooks, for free to read on Sony Reader. Now that’s what we can call Kindle Killer.  These eBooks are also downloadable to desktop by downloading the eBook Library Software. But, the question remains as to how many of these books are popular titles that people would want to read. You will have to find that out for yourself. 

Happy reading book worms!!!


Eagles Eyes 2.0 – Behavior,Geo and Language Based Advertising

Google recently announced “Behavior Based Advertising“.  Facebook announced “Geo and Language Ad Targeting“.  These are attempts to expand the way they generate revenue through advertising but also attempts to make use of the information that the users provide while registering as well as just browsing other web sites. I am sure many of us have not even read through the terms and conditions while registering with Google or Facebook. Even if we did, it may be virtually impossible to decipher the language used and understand their intentions as to what they are going to do with the information.

The theory behind Interest or Behavior based advertising is that the probability of repeating the actions that you have done in the past is very high. If you have been browsing information related to a topic of your interest then the probability of you buying merchandise related to your interest is obviously high. 

Interested to know more? Read this post “Does Society Benefit from Behavior Based Advertising?” on Mashable.  So, all you Facebook fans who provide all the information they ask for beware that there will be more hooks to fish out the green from you.

Watch Out for the Eagles Eyes…There is always some one watching you watch this and report your watching to the watchers of the watchers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Knol

I was trying to improve my Cyber Footprint and came across this interesting article on Google Knol. This is a quick reference guide for Search Engine Optimization. Any one who is interested in increasing their online footprint and achieve the ‘Google First Page’ results must read this article. Link: http://knol.google.com/k/mike-delgado/seo-search-engine-optimization-101/ckw8twsxex69/2#

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